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Special examination

CAPERIUM specialises in solving cases of white-collar crime such as fraud, embezzlement, corruption or breach of trust.

In these cases, you benefit from the experience of our interdisciplinary team, because our team of specialists (e.g. auditors, tax advisors, criminologists, specialist lawyers, psychologists), who are involved as needed, can already set decisive accents for a quick and court-proof clarification when the facts of the case are established. 

At the same time, we have exactly the amount of experience that you as a client would like to have in order to know that such a case is also managed in the hands of experts.

Our experience is so diverse that we are not only able to assist in the immediate clarification, but also bring with us a whole range of tried and tested solution sketches. In addition, our consultants have the necessary empathic seniority to design and moderate a discreet and viable overall solution for all parties involved, even in extremely complex situations.

How do we differ from the competition? We distinguish ourselves first and foremost through our independence, our 100% clearance rate, the personal competencies of your permanent contact persons as well as the clear criminalistic concepts of our approach paired with the individually assembled teams of experts at your side. This creates the optimal mixture of seniority and pragmatism. 

Since all of our employees are familiar with comparable topics as described from the company or client perspective, it is not difficult for us to carefully implement the requirements of our clients in our actions.

From a criminalistic point of view, these methods are additionally very successful for all parties involved. Our many years of experience enable us to quickly arrive at assessments and results. Many clients have reported to us that they initially had frustrating experiences in the run-up by other consultants because an all-embracing clarification concept was lacking. Instead, they had to endure weeks of cost-intensive assessments with a multitude of junior advisors, Excel lists or lawyers and often ended up without any target-oriented results. 

We think that this frustration can usually be avoided. We advise our clients with our interdisciplinary top management experience and have these professional criminalistic glasses to clear up the cases in a way that is court-proof and compliant, but also very goal-oriented. Our work in very complex proceedings has been praised by the courts on several occasions and has had a high evidentiary value up to the last instances.

Our methods are based on the most modern standards, are of high ethical quality and are compliance-proof.

Our clients praise our empathetic approach

Since the human factor is very complex, we meet people in the way one would wish oneself to be met in the corresponding situation. Our experience shows that we achieve a 100% clear-up rate with this and always receive a high appreciation and recommendation rate from both "parties" to such an incident.