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Discreet protection for families & Family offices

CAPERIUM offers discreet and confidential services for exposed families with complex protection needs. As our services are highly confidential, we are happy to discuss the possibilities and limitations of this with you personally.

Make an appointment with us for a confidential initial consultation so that you can get to know us and we can discuss your needs together.

Protection of the family

The safety of our customers and their families is close to our hearts. Privacy and a sense of security are important values that we are happy to champion with our excellent expertise.

CAPERIUM offers you comprehensive support, technology and consulting services to protect your family, your family office, your private business operations and your private living environment from threats and criminal attacks. 

The key to a pleasant and secured private sphere is an individually adapted security concept with a pragmatic focus. We will be happy to create such a concept for you and orient the contents to your needs and your risk aspects. These concepts are modular in structure and can also include different food points and places of residence internationally.

Being aware that your own behaviour is an elementary building block for functioning concepts, we always work very closely with our clients and focus on behaviour-oriented prevention work. We accompany our measures with talks, training and, if necessary, also targeted training for family members and service employees.

CAPERIUM has many years of experience in providing comprehensive security services to private individuals and family offices. We have a wide range of experts and confidential solutions on offer who are specially trained to implement awareness and prevention concepts for women, children, schools, domestic workers, etc.

Of course, we are also there for you if you are facing an ad-hoc threat to your family (e.g. threats, assaults of all kinds, stalking cases, cyber-bullying, hacker attacks, blackmail in the family, coercion, intimidation) and work with you highly confidentially on the solutions to your security issues.

If the case is still "in limbo" and you are not sure if a threat will occur, feel free to call us anyway. We have developed special risk and threat analyses for private individuals and family offices, which we also make available internationally. We include all relevant aspects in our analyses and treat your concerns discreetly and strictly confidentially.

If you are interested or in need of support through this service, please call us and we will arrange an appointment as soon as possible. Since extremely confidential information is exchanged in this counselling segment, we will be happy to discuss the details with you personally.