CAPERIUM - Ihr Krisenmanagement bei kriminellen Angriffen aller Art

What we stand for

Claim & Values

Our claim is to be the leading service provider for support and crisis management in the event of criminal attacks of all kinds on companies and families, irrespective of the sector.

Our company and our activities are therefore based on values to which we are committed.
Selected examples illustrate our value culture:

Confidentiality and discretion in cooperation

Confidentiality is our top priority when working with our clients and partners.

We understand our clients and know about the explosive nature of the issues. With CAPERIUM as a partner, the confidentiality of your concerns and the confidential protection of all information is guaranteed.

Willingness to provide service and Service

CAPERIUM works at the highest level of service and reliability. With our technical experts, we develop the best solutions for our customers on the basis of economic and goal-oriented action. We accompany our customers during implementation and understand service as a quality criterion.

Ethics and compliance

We have the highest ethical standards, a compliance-safe orientation and a balance of demanding core values.

Services of the highest quality

Our services are customised for our clients and integrated with high quality as part of the business to add value. Thus, our services and quality products are constantly measured and evaluated by their success in practice.

Teamwork and customer orientation

Teamwork means that we closely involve our clients, their goals, our international networks and our partners in the development and implementation of the solution and strategy and establish a dialogue that is conducive to the respective project.


With a high level of competence, a lot of experience, creativity and foresight, CAPERIUM advises you on difficult and complex problems of all kinds.

You can rely on fast, methodical, individual, professional, sustainable and effective solutions. We don't tell you what to say, but address the issues in the way that is necessary to achieve the best solution for you.

Leading Practice

CAPERIUM has a unique selling point of high value for its clients with its leading practice solutions in the field of Business Risks Solutions. Multi- and interdisciplinary approaches in the areas of consultancy and investigation refine our consultancy approach for you.

Interdisciplinary solutions

We guarantee the high quality of our Business Risks Solutions and the satisfaction of our clients by constantly integrating multi- and interdisciplinary experience and competences. We combine state-of-the-art knowledge and methods, e.g. from the fields of law, psychology, criminology, forensics, technology, security and communication.


For companies and private individuals (family offices), establishing preventive strategies is an important key to security and lasting success. Studies and current events prove this invaluable value of successful prevention work for the topics of compliance, security and integrity.

With our Business Risks Solutions, you preserve your values and create space for targeted new values in the company. In this way, you secure increases in value and competitive advantages in the long term.


CAPERIUM's solutions focus on sustainable prevention work in companies or in families. In this way, our solutions strengthen the necessary management skills and the certainty of action in your areas and create long-lasting added value.

We integrate this thinking sustainably into the culture of the companies and families and create awareness for a preventive sense of responsibility on a broad level.


CAPERIUM is a guarantee for high quality. We bring our added value to clients on the basis of successful, ethically valuable and scientifically proven methods. This applies from the analysis of weaknesses to the implementation and realisation of solutions.

We agree the methods for each project discreetly and confidentially with the clients.

We are always in a position to provide immediate assistance worldwide, even with acute crisis management projects or acute criminal attacks, or to offer you highly complex special audits in accordance with stock corporation law that require an intensive structured processing of incidents.