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Support in the event of threats from criminal attacks at home and abroad

CAPERIUM supports you, your company or your family against any form of criminal attack within the shortest possible time almost anywhere in the world.

Crisis management or incident management

An acute threat, a significant criminal attack on a company, a serious case of corruption, blackmail, the arrest or kidnapping of an employee abroad require optimised crisis management as quickly as possible. This includes clear responsibilities, regulated processes and a well-coordinated team. CAPERIUM specialises in setting up goal-oriented crisis management for you in ad-hoc cases and is available to you as a consultant for such cases. In such cases, we can provide you with a wide range of expertise based on many years of experience.

We have emphasised this point here in order to encourage you to seek professional advice as soon as possible when such events occur. Rarely does a crisis begin as a crisis. Often an event first develops in this direction. The definitions and use of language for and of crises are also very different internationally and the word "crisis" is currently very heavily used. For precisely these reasons, it is necessary for companies and private individuals to think in advance of events in the context of compliance, security and integrity about which of these events could lead to a real crisis and how they would like to counter them.

If there is not yet an ad-hoc case, CAPERIUM offers with its Business Risks Solutions the development of pragmatic and professional crisis management structures independent of the industry. If you wish, we can develop global crisis management and crisis prevention plans for your company. In doing so, we can use your existing systems and optimise your structural and process organisations for efficient and effective crisis management.

Threat management

Threats can have a significant impact on people's everyday lives and result in their sense of security, their own behaviour and their privacy being severely affected. This is especially true for people who are in the public eye, intentionally or unintentionally.

CAPERIUM has many years of experience in managing such sensitive issues and can provide you with targeted advice and support. Together with experts, we draw up a risk assessment for you and offer you rapid and interdisciplinary case management if there are indicators of serious threats. 

CAPERIUM also supports you in an advisory capacity in cooperation with the security authorities. This is especially true in cases of stalking.

Furthermore, we have many years of experience in the confidential counselling of VIPs and persons in the public eye. Benefit from our leading practice concepts as well as from our case management and prevention experience. 

If you have a prevention need or an acute threat case, call us and we will arrange an appointment with you as soon as possible.