White-collar crime - Caperium GmbH

Safe waters

Prevention and detection of economic crime

Investigating white-collar crime, fraud and corruption offences and conducting special investigations and special audits.


CAPERIUM specialises in solving cases of white-collar crime such as fraud, embezzlement, corruption or breach of trust.

In these cases, you benefit from the experience of our interdisciplinary team, because our team of specialists (e.g. auditors, tax advisors, criminologists, specialist lawyers, psychologists), who are involved as needed, can already set decisive accents for a quick and court-proof clarification during the investigation of the facts.

We have exactly the amount of experience that you as a client would like to have in order to know that such a case is managed by experts.

Our experience is so diverse that we are not only able to support you in the immediate clarification, but also bring a whole range of tried and tested solution sketches with us. In addition, our advisors have the necessary empathic seniority to design and moderate a discreet and viable overall solution for all parties involved, even in extremely complex circumstances.