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CAPERIUM is your confidential and strategic partner for the management of special challenges in the context of criminal attacks, compliance breaches, white-collar crime, industrial espionage or threats of any kind to a company or for such attacks to your private environment. 

Since 2008, CAPERIUM has stood for the successful protection of your corporate assets, your employees, your competitive advantages and your reputation, as well as for the protection of your privacy against any form of criminal attack. Our diverse range of consulting and solutions is tailored to companies, authorities, institutions, private individuals and family offices.

CAPERIUM combines global interdisciplinary experience from the fields of compliance, forensics, security and integrity for you and offers you individual, customised solutions from a single source.

Crisis management, prevention, investigation and clarification of white-collar crime are just as much part of our spectrum of challenges as the multidisciplinary risk management of compliance, security and integrity. In doing so, your interests are always at the centre of our attention and this claim is the supporting pillar of our activity that drives us to provide you with the best possible advice, the best possible performance and the best possible results. 

On this website you will find only a first rough overview of our services. As our topics and mandates are handled very confidentially, we ask for your understanding that we can only discuss further details with you in a discreet personal dialogue.

For more information, please call us or send us an email.

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Whenever you are threatened, facing a criminal attack, having a security and/or compliance-related issue for your company, yourself or your family, we support you in protecting your assets, your performance, your privacy and your reputation.
CAPERIUM offers you tailor-made, independent, confidential and interdisciplinary solutions or consulting at the highest level worldwide. 

Our advisors will work with you to find the best solution, and you can be sure that our independence and contractual obligation mean that we will provide you with unrestricted technical and professional support.

Three dynamic business areas

1. Consulting & Project Management

Prevention management, crisis management, risk and hazard analyses, investigations, special audits or special investigations, services for exposed persons, services for the art world as well as training and education.

2. Forensic services

Cooperation with auditing companies and global forensic experts

3. Digital Services

Digital forensics services, IT security solutions and cyber security issues

For these business areas, Caperium GmbH is the central contact for your enquiries, topics and projects. On the basis of your enquiry, we define together which approaches would be available and which of our experts can be deployed sensibly for which time frame. 

Our costs are transparent and free of hidden additional expenses. Since 2008, we have been able to demonstrate a success and clarification rate of almost 100% for the cases and issues brought to us.

The second business area of CAPERIUM is focused on the clarification and combating of white-collar crime, tax or accounting issues. It is covered, among others, by CAPERIUM Forensic Services Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft mbh, a very strong network partner of ours. Through this long-standing network partner, special audits according to stock corporation law, for example, can also be made possible. 

The third business area covers the requirements of digital forensics, cyber security and related IT issues. With these experts, we can also assist you with all scenarios and attacks related to the use of digital infrastructure and its end devices.

Online extortion, cyber security, IT security, hacking attacks, espionage, industrial espionage, e-discovery, investigations and all related topics increasingly play a crucial role in solving crime or threats. Our experts for digital solutions accompany you from the inventory (e.g. via an IT security audit) to the implementation (e.g. IT security policy). In addition, with the services of Caperium Digital Forensic, we also offer consulting, service and investigation support for companies and families on all cyber security issues. The protection of children is playing an increasingly important role and we have special solutions on offer that specialise in protecting children in a digital world.

CAPERIUM thus offers you interdisciplinary solutions from a single source. In all three areas, we can deploy experts from the fields of criminology, auditing, revision, tax consultancy, compliance, investigations, risk management and security for you in such a way that we are able to tap into the facts at a high speed, understand them and then quickly achieve results in a targeted manner.

The practical experience as well as the empathy of our experienced advisors give our clients a great advantage. 
We offer all services with the support and in cooperation with various renowned law firms, so that the aspects of data protection, personal rights and compliance are also guaranteed for you.