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CAPERIUM advises decision-makers and families on the opportunities and risks in the event of a crisis or threat. Our clients entrust us with their most important issues, family or economic questions and value our discretion and confidentiality as well as our independence from capital interests and in our advice.

CAPERIUM is a first-class and leading advisory firm with an innovative and market-leading practice, a global perspective and strong Hanseatic roots. Our clients expect from us, confidentially and discreetly, a distinctive high level of quality, intensity and creativity to meet the challenges of a criminal attack effectively and cost-efficiently.

Thanks to our industry experience and our strategic approach, our high-quality advisors are able to bring clear business judgement to each individual case in addition to the technical solution options. As a result, our advisors and network partners on all continents serve clients around the world. Our advisors and partners make a point of always developing a deep understanding of our clients' business and providing independent advice.

This means that when we take on a mandate, we can approach it with intensity and creativity to achieve the best results for you.

Globally, we live a collaborative approach across disciplines and regions, so clients benefit from the dedication, cohesion and superior quality we bring to all our use cases for you worldwide. 

Whenever you have a security and/or compliance-related issue for your company, yourself or your family, we are there for you. 
We are very happy to support you in protecting your assets, your performance, your privacy or your reputation.

Our range of services is confidential. Therefore, please contact us directly with your question and we will discuss your concern as well as the possibilities and limits of support by CAPERIUM in confidence.

We have solutions for many possible use cases at home or abroad by known or unknown perpetrators. The following headings outline these many use cases and scenarios for possible support from us:

  • White-collar crime, fraud, corruption, bribery, embezzlement, breach of trust and fraud.
  • Threats, stalking, attacks and bullying in social media, violation of privacy or offences against personal or sexual self-determination
  • Extortion, domestic and international arrests, kidnapping and violent crime
  • Travel security issues, business travel for women and family security
  • Industrial espionage and competitive espionage
  • Cyber-crime and digital extortion and threats
  • Piracy, product extortion and raider attacks
  • Corporate security support, interim management, support for in-house projects
  • Support in dealing with state executive bodies of the police or other authorities at home and abroad
  • Investigation and tracing of assets (asset tracing & recovery)
  • Preparation of risk and hazard analyses, prevention concepts and crisis management concepts
  • Topic-related think tanks, support in teaching and research as well as selected lectures for events or groups
  • Training and awareness-raising on preventive behaviour and special solutions for families and children
  • Investigations into the theft of individual assets or high-value items such as yachts, works of art, cars or jewellery
  • Security audits, development of security standards and integration of technical and digital security solutions
  • Risk and hazard monitoring
  • Review of internal control systems

White-collar crime, corruption, arrests of employees abroad or lack of pragmatic compliance can very quickly exhaust the viability of corporate risk management. Various events from the recent past clearly show what negative effects it can have when companies are confronted with such events unprepared, and what economic damage and loss of reputation these events can entail.

CAPERIUM can help you to face these complex requirements professionally and to establish a trusting culture in your company. With our solutions, we make your company strong and create certainty of action in management. We install preventive mechanisms and early warning systems and help you to establish a pragmatic crisis management system that is oriented towards actual risks. 

If necessary, CAPERIUM takes over the outsourced areas of security and/or compliance for its clients as an external partner and coordinates the necessary measures with the internal interfaces. 

Of course, we support our customers in all cases of crisis management, in acute threat situations and in all measures and questions related to the events.