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Digital Forensic Services

With CAPERIUM Digital Forensics Services, we support our customers in all forms of digital threats, forensic processing, crisis management and the preventive handling of cyber risks. In doing so, we can include all devices. 

Due to our many years of successful activity and our existing competences, we place a clear focus on our work in the forensic and criminalistic search for evidence for the clarification and investigation of criminal attacks on companies, families or infrastructures. 

CAPERIUM is a member of the nationwide Alliance for Cyber Security in cooperation with the Federal Office for Information Security. 

Thus, we are a part of the national expert group for cyber security.

The use cases for the threats are diverse and you are all familiar with the media reports on which issues are influencing the international digital world and with what intensity.  For example, data is increasingly being stolen, companies are being blackmailed or, by means of a highly equipped perpetrator structure, companies are being deceived and induced to make large payments abroad. These so-called CEO Frauds or Fake Presidents threaten your assets. Perhaps other attacks also violate the protection zones of your company or your family.

IT security audits and penetration tests are part of taking stock of your systems, and with our partners and experts we can integrate these results into coherent and sustainable overall concepts in a language you understand. This makes cyber prevention a part of your business, a part of your culture or even your value creation.

But we can also help you if you are concerned about your family and their intensive or sporadic use of smartphones, the digital world and other devices. Digital threats are increasingly reaching homes and families. Identity theft, hacked routers, stolen photos, careless handling of children, interception of confidential private communications, etc. are all mixed in with the classic criminal attacks. Children are often approached and spied on by perpetrators with dubious motivation on children's platforms or attacked via social media, or their age-appropriate development is disturbed and endangered in the long term.

It is important to recognise these threats and to use pedagogically valuable concepts and psychologically trained teams to provide these children and their families with behavioural security and to implement preventive protection concepts.