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Additional Services

In our service descriptions, we have described a whole range of services with which we are ready to deal with your issues.

However, we are also happy to create our own individual solutions for you, depending on your needs.

In addition, we offer services from the following subject areas:

Project-related services as well as support in setting uo ics or compliance systems

If desired, we also accompany our customers after the case-related solution and determine which vulnerabilities exist or which causes led to a criminal attack. In the most diverse case constellations, very individual procedures and solutions can then be realised. We provide support for all questions, e.g. what the current security standard is, how to better position oneself in the future or how to further optimise individual areas or processes in ongoing business operations.

Asset Tracing und Asset Recovery

Perpetrators and criminals are increasingly coming together in organised international structures. Insofar as an attack on your assets takes place, perpetrators are able to move or transfer these assets to other countries within a few hours. State investigating authorities are usually unable to cope with this type of crime and to provide rapid assistance to those affected, and international requests for legal assistance take far too much time to enforce your interests.

CAPERIUM has built up a global network of experts over many years to be able to offer you targeted assistance almost anywhere in the world, e.g. in order to disclose storage locations or the sources of embezzled assets. This enables us to recover your assets promptly and discreetly. 

We have outstanding specialists in asset recovery in the international arena, in the financial world, for the art market, paintings, Old Masters, antiques, for rare and high-value vehicles and yachts, as well as for various other special assets.

Special investigative competencies for incidents in selected risk countries

CAPERIUM has professional and resilient networks to provide you with specialists also in case of criminal attacks abroad or risk countries. We have very strong partners in Russia, China and Africa, but also experts and specialists almost everywhere in the world.

Support in cases of piracy

As part of our crisis management and prevention services, we also support our clients in dealing with and making provisions for cases of piracy. For further details, please contact us.

Business Crisis Recovery

What to do when it is too late?

Crises in the context of crime or allegations of crime can affect anyone - privately as well as in the company. You can make provisions for many things, but not for everything. So you are now faced with the big question: "What to do when it's too late?". You are welcome to contact us. With our experience and our strong partners, we will carefully examine for you, your company or your family what aftercare should be taken now. Together we will work out a plan on how you can manage the risk and reduce the risk of a new crisis of this kind more significantly, or how you will cushion the consequences much better next time.

Trust in over 10 years of successful crisis management for families, companies of all sizes and issues of all kinds.