Compliance Services - Caperium GmbH

Playing by the rules


We would be happy to show you, how to profitably establish effective and pragmatic compliance systems and concepts in your company. We can support you in integrating your existing structures into these concepts or, for example, support your auditors in targeted training courses in such a way, that they can also identify and clarify issues of corruption, fraud or fraudulent acts at an early stage with criminalistic expertise.

Compliance investigation

With our experienced and international team of experts, we offer to conduct investigations and clarifications of all conceivable compliance matters at any time. Please feel free to call us to discuss whether or how we can support you in analysing or clarifying your confidential compliance, security and integrity issue for you, taking into account the ethical, legal and factual requirements.

Compliance und integrity management

Prominent and media-effective "scandals" constantly cause a stir. The global ethical discussion on compliance issues is gaining in importance and the sensitivity to incidents in these areas has risen sharply. Brands, companies or reputations can suffer considerable damage within a few hours and thus also destroy corresponding values if facts are handled incorrectly or too late.

CAPERIUM can help you set up appropriate systems and build and optimise the captive system as well as an early warning system for these risks.

CAPERIUM helps you build compliance organisations and strengthen your control systems to better manage and monitor compliance with laws and codes of conduct. 

CAPERIUM can help you prevent. Many companies, some of them very well-known, have suffered considerable economic damage and a corresponding loss of image in recent months due to misjudgement of these issues. 

We also offer confidential and professional compliance investigations to clear up cases for you discreetly and sustainably.

Our many years of experience in this area help you to bring together the modules from the areas of compliance, anti-corruption, anti-fraud, ethics and integrity management as well as from the development of your corporate culture in a way that adds value. 

CAPERIUM has the necessary competences and methods to transfer these important and entrepreneurial tasks as well as safeguards for action. Through perfectly coordinated and interconnected processes in the organisational and operational structure, our clients create a functioning prevention and compliance management as part of the business and part of their risk management in the company.

CAPERIUM offers you accompanying effective awareness training and can also integrate this into your e-learning system.