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Prevention & risk analysis

Unless you have an ad-hoc issue to solve, we always strive to apply the global leading practice knowledge on all our topics for you and your processes for risk and hazard analyses as well as for prevention and suitable solutions. With our competences and from many experiences, we are able to develop and implement the appropriate pragmatic prevention programmes for your company quickly and individualised according to the risks, business areas or corporate culture.

Prevention management

With its Business Risks Solutions, CAPERIUM places a focus in consulting on the exploitation of your sustainable prevention opportunities. With its distinctive experience in this field, CAPERIUM has a significant unique selling point, as we are familiar with the issues not only from consulting but also from internationally operating companies. 

Benefit from this experience and from the integrated approaches of our consultancy in your prevention and opportunity management.

Early warning system

Many events can develop into a crisis unless quick and appropriate action is taken. With our leading practice concepts and our innovative risk monitoring solutions, we enable your staff and you to manage such challenges in the best possible way. It does not have to come to a crisis.

CAPERIUM supports you in setting up early warning systems and other suitable prevention concepts that enable you to identify and manage risks at an early stage.

Risk and hazard analysis

CAPERIUM prepares methodically mature hazard, threat, vulnerability or risk analyses for you on the overarching topics of our consulting services. These can relate to issues, people, threats, travel, business activities, countries, cities, investments, due diligence or M&A activities. 

CAPERIUM offers you a wide range of consulting services for a variety of business decisions (e.g.: M&A, acquisition, sale, investments, succession planning or cooperations) in order to make the security of your business activities measurable and calculable with regard to possible external risks, dangers from crime, terrorism, health hazards and industrial espionage at home and abroad.

Security and safety management dor companies as an external partner or to support the group security divisions

The global challenges of protecting employees, corporate assets, competitive advantages, know-how, patents, image, reputation, facilities and sites from criminal attacks require corporate security to reliably address your company's risks.

CAPERIUM offers you professional security and security management solutions with a high level of competence.

CAPERIUM supports you or your corporate functions in matters of group security and crisis management. If you have not established an internal specialist function for these topics, CAPERIUM will help you to set up such a function or will take over these tasks for you as an external partner as part of your group-wide risk management.

CAPERIUM focuses on sustainable prevention and develops concepts and strategies for you against all realistic threats and thus against every relevant form of criminal attack. 

We offer leading-practice models, e.g. for protection against white-collar crime, fraud, corruption, industrial espionage, terrorism, kidnappings, extortion, travel security, special risk countries, medical emergencies worldwide or also for board security, personal protection, family security, expatriates protection, business continuity or your know-how protection. 

If you have already become a victim, we will advise you or take over the necessary crisis management tasks, clarifications and investigations.

Prompt and professional criminal investigations to clarify incidents in your company are important.

CAPERIUM offers you a wide range of experience in solving fraudulent acts by perpetrators from inside or outside. In doing so, we are committed to Integrated Balance Security. This means that we also advise you on the suitability of measures, their necessities and their ethical significance.

CAPERIUM can bring together security management standards and strategies for you, draw up pragmatic international crisis management plans or carry out security audits of sites. Of course, we support you in implementation, training and education.

CAPERIUM also offers targeted coaching for management functions in the above-mentioned areas. 
If you are interested in an external solution or interim management, we also offer you proven and successful leading practice models for this with our experts.